Silver Carlsson

Behind the Same Façades

Exhibition cocurated together with Sebastian Dahlqvist for SKånes konstförening 5 May–6 June 2017.

Medverkande: Kajsa Dahlberg & Gritt Uldall-Jessen, Sirous Namazi, Silke Wagner, Peter Weiss, Kristin Ylikiiskilä Broberg.
Behind the Same Façades takes as its point of departure different expressions of the feeling of homeliness; as well as the politics involved in the creation of a home. Histories about, and examples of, experimental design and architecture are linked to artistic practices in the exhibition, exploring the notion of the home in a more metaphorical sense: the need for, or the lack of, security and safety.

The architect Erik Friberger (1889-1968) and his experimental house in Kallebäck in Gothenburg, and Peter Weiss’ (1916-1982) film Bag de ens facader (Behind the Same Façades), recorded in several residential areas outside Copenhagen in the 1960s, is highlighted as a curatorial framework in this exhibition.