Silver Carlsson


Exhibition cocurated together with Sebastian Dahlqvist for Skånes konstförening, 1 September – 1 october.

Participating artists Petter Dahlström Persson och Matti Sumari.

In the exhibition Matti Sumari presented his work Cementa & Toyota – A Fable of Two Sisters, an essay film about two site-specific sculptures, known as the sisters Cementa and Toyota, located in Mellersta hamnen, on a forgotten deserted strip of artificial land, among fenced industrial areas in the outskirts of Malmö’s harbor area. The site is the last part of public land outside of Toyota’s depot for new vehicles, watched over by Cementa’s huge cement silos. At this artificial place, the sisters contemplate their environment, reflecting upon their living conditions, consciously aware of both their own and the artificial nature of the surroundings.

Petter Dahlström Persson’s showed his installation Tidens budbärare, based on the distinctive architecture that characterizes the carrier pigeon clubs at Valdemarsro in Malmö. This architecture has emerged based on the habits and needs of the carrier pigeons. The wooden houses of the clubs have spread organically across the area, without any overall plan. In total the clubs, run by enthusiasts, have 18 cottages that can hold up to 300 pigeons between May and August. In his project, Dahlström Persson is also interested in the fact that photographic techniques, as well as other methods of mass communication, developed as the interest in carrier pigeons decreased.
Read more about the exhibition here: paragoge-exhibition-text.

*Paragoge is a term for a letter or a syllable that is added to a word by “natural” language use, or because of grammatical rules. As in the use of spontaneous language sounds that have been given lexical significance over time, as in “among-st” (previously among). From Greek ‘para‘ alongside and ‘agōgē’ carrying.